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Nicole Trautsch

"From the first time we met with Lotte, we knew we were working with the best. Lotte is not only an expert in real estate, but she has such a lovely way with people - friendly, elegant and kind. It was so much fun to tour houses with her. She was always warmly welcomed and obviously has great relationships with everyone in the business. She loves what she does and it makes the process of touring and making offers such an enjoyable experience. I was amazed by her boundless positive energy. In addition, she has incredible knowledge of neighborhoods, the market, and what to look for when considering a house to buy. We ended up buying our dream home in an area we wouldnt have thought to consider if it hadn't been for Lotte's urging that we go and spend an afternoon exploring there. And when we were ready to put an offer together, it couldn't have been at a less convenient time for all involved. But both Lotte and Sarah were on it without skipping a beat. The deal involved some creative problem solving and Lotte kept working on getting us the best possible outcome until the very end, beyond what we would have asked for. We trusted her guidance and despite buying at what seemed the very top of the market, our home has increased in value considerably over the few years we've lived here. I cannot recommend Lotte and Sarah enough. They are truly the very best."
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